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Exploring a destination by bicycle allows you to really experience a region and immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and scents of a place. On our bike tour, we take care of all the details — all you have to do is pedal!   Award winning Orlando cycling tour


Town of Celebration 

Celebration is a charming town near Orlando that was founded by Disney and it's a great place to ride a bike. The roads are quiet and the neighborhood is welcoming. We will also ride throughout the beautiful boardwalk that goes through conservation areas to enjoy Florida wildlife. The approximate duration of the ride is 90 minutes, riding around 7 miles. 

This slow paced ride has great photo opportunties along the way.

Why an Orlando vacation should include a bicycle touR

We hear again and again from returning guests that our bike tour was the most memorable part of their vacation. Here’s why:

1. Bond with each other   Cycling creates the best kind of souvenir. The shared experience and sense of accomplishment can last a lifetime.  

2. Sense shared accomplishments  You gain a shared sense of accomplishment—whether it’s a climb together up a long hill or simply making it to the day’s destination (or the next ice cream shop).    

3. Create lasting memories  Cycling allows you to soak in the settings you ride through. The adventures you’ll have and the people you’ll meet along the way on your bicycle tour will last a lifetime. Remember, it’s more about the journey than the destination.     

4. Reconnect as a family.  Traveling by bicycle in Orlando is an excellent way for families to slow down and connect with one another. You can take a break from your normal fast-paced life, savor the the world around you and connect with each other.    

5. Experience new places intimately.  Bicycle tours help give kids a feel for a country, its terrain and its people more so than most other means. At a cyclist’s pace, you’ll experience places four-wheeled travelers will never know existed.    

6. Gain better understanding of new people and cultures.  Bicycle touring is the perfect pace to meet local people. And the more kids get to meet people from around the world, the more accepting they become of different cultures.    

7. Unplug and engage all your senses  On a bike, you can quite literally smell the roses, listen to the wind whistle through the trees (ideally a tailwind, of course), and feel the contour of the terrain beneath you.    

8. Improve self-image  Active vacations encourage more positive self-image thanks to the simple joys of self-propelled travel and earning your destination.    

9. Reap the benefits of active travel.  Experience the beauty of being active during the day so you can enjoy good food in the evenings—and so the kids fall asleep more readily.    

10. Build environmental awareness  For parents trying to raise kids in Orlando who are environmentally aware, bicycle tours are a form of sustainable tourism that has negligible impact on the environment

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Bicycle Facts from Orlando Bike Rental

In 1817 a German baron named Karl von Drais invented a two-wheeled machine similar to a bicycle that used one's feet instead of pedals to propel it. In the 1860s the term bicycle was used to describe a two-wheeled machine propelled by mechanical drive. Since then bicycles have been used for transportation, recreation, racing, courier services, and many other purposes. Most bicycles have a seat, two pedals, a frame, and two wheels, and are powered by human effort, although today there are also e-bikes which are powered by battery. The energy used to power a typical bicycle at low or medium speed is approximately the same as what is used to walk - a person just gets to their destination faster. Interesting Bicycle Facts:   Karl von Drais' invention in 1817 was called the 'hobby horse' because he designed it to be a horseless carriage. It was made of wood.      The most famous bicycle race in the world is the Tour de France. It has been held each year since 1903 when it was first introduced.      Common bicycling events are mountain biking, races, track cycling and time trials.      Tricycles and unicycles are often referred to as bikes, but a tricycle has three wheels and a unicycle has only one.       The mechanism that a bicycle uses to transfer power to the back wheel is a chain.      When going downhill it is best to use high gear; when going uphill it is best to use low gear, and when traveling on a generally flat terrain it is best to use a medium gear.      Bicycles can use different braking systems including rim brakes, disc brakes, and internal hub brakes.      Mountain bicycles are commonly built with a suspension system to cushion the vibration caused by bumps in the terrain.      Prior to the French giving the bicycle its name these machines were often referred to as velocipedes.       As more people use bicycles on city streets the number of fatal traffic accidents decrease. This phenomenon is believed to occur because drivers adjust their behavior when more bicycles are on the road, cities design safer roads for cyclists, and there are fewer cars on the road.      Bicycles are becoming a popular form of transportation for many people, especially those who are trying to live a healthier, greener lifestyle.      The bicycle is considered to be the most energy-efficient vehicle that has ever been invented.      A tandem bike can hold more than one cyclist. The longest one ever built could hold 35 cyclists and it was almost 67 feet in length.      Orlando.   John Howard, an American Olympic cyclist holds the record for the fastest cycling speed. He reached 152.2 miles per hour in 1985.      It is estimated that approximately 10% of New York City's working citizens commute to their jobs by bicycle.      Wearing a bicycle helmet is very important. Statistics show that they are 85% in preventing a head injury when a cyclist is involved in an accident.       It is estimated that there are more than one billion bicycles being used around the world today. This is double the number of motor vehicles.